August Schedule

Tuesday, August 11th  – Guest Domme Interview: Ariana Chevalier

Ariana Chevalier has been a ProDomme for 25 years, and is the owner and founder of an iconic, world-renowned dungeon and rubber fetish collection. Join us for a casual 90ish minute chat about creating and maintaining such a well-equipped fetish wonderland that serves as a home for a vibrant community of ProDommes, new safety protocols for re-opening dungeons in the midst of a pandemic, and what it’s like to be a mentor (and inspiration) to so many.


Friday, August 14th – Office Hours Q&A

If you’ve attended my classes you know that they’re super content heavy, and while I do my best to answer questions on the fly, it’s tough to dig in to the specific answers you’re looking for. 

So for the RKC Q&A’s it’s open office hours! This is a chance to get some personalized perspective on the obstacles you’re facing in your business. 

  • Do you have any questions from my recent classes that we didn’t get a chance to address? 
  • Have you gotten stuck on any aspect of the Branding Superstar or Ideal Profile Client systems?
  • Do you have other issues in your business that you’re trying to figure out?


Tuesday, August 18th – Guest Expert Interview: Amberly Rothfield

Amberly Rothfield, author of How I Made 10k a Month as a Phone Sex Operator, has become well-known in the sex industry for offering heart-felt (and wallet-boosting) advice with an emphasis on phone sex and video clips. Join us for a casual 90ish minute chat about business, marketing, and mentoring in the sex biz.


Tuesday, August 25th – You’re Not a DomBot: Professional Edition – Self-Care, Preventing Burn-out, and Dealing with the Occasional Cognitive Dissonance of being a ProDomme

In porn and professional BDSM scenes, dominants always look calm, cool and self-assured. But in the real world it’s a lot more complicated than that. 

Professional domination (and other sex work) lives at a unique intersection of specialties, and while that’s often a big part of the appeal, it can also create a unique set of challenges.

Sex workers are entrepreneurs and have to juggle all the usual business needs such as content creation, customer retention, marketing, research and development, bookkeeping, and more. On top of that, there’s social stigma, political turmoil, and dangerous clients to deal with. 

All while being a #TotallySexyBitchGoddessWhoHasThingsCompletelyUnderControl 

But, you are not a dombot. You are a complex human who is navigating a rewarding but difficult career and lifestyle. 

It can create a special kind of cognitive dissonance when your business is to appear effortlessly powerful and confident, but the reality is more like riding a unicycle on a tightwire.

We’ll talk about concrete strategies to make sure that you’re staying healthy and happy and that you control your career, rather than letting it control you.


Thursday, August 27th – How to Value Your Time: Finding Your Pricing Sweet Spot

While there’s no perfect formula for figuring out how much to charge for your services and content, there are some simple math equations and philosophy choices you can apply to find your personal pricing sweet spot.

In this class we’ll cover:

  • Why you aren’t earning your actual rate, and which costs you need to build into your pricing
  • Three approaches to discovering your pricing sweet spot
  • How to determine the cost of everything from your live interactions to your pre-created content
  • Tricks for getting over “imposter syndrome” when it’s time to raise your rates
  • And more!

Bonus! In addition to the usual worksheet, all Red Key Club members will receive a special personalizable spreadsheet that helps you figure out how much you need to make from each of your income streams to cover your bills.


Gold Tier

Friday, August 21st – Money Management: How Pricing Impacts Income

Pricing is the theme this month, and in this money management session we’ll be discussing how your pricing impacts your income. 

Vivienne will walk us through the personalizable spreadsheet she created exclusively for the Red Key Club, to help figure out how much each of your income streams need to earn in order to pay all your bills and invest in long-term financial planning.

As always, you’re welcome to ask any questions that you have about money, not just those about this specific topic!


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