• Limited Time – You’re Not a ProDom Bot

    Learn important self-care techniques to avoid (or recover from) burn-out.

  • Guest Expert Interview Series – 2020

    Since I’m far from being the only brilliant babe in the sex worker world, I love inviting other notable industry folks on for a casual chat about their expertise and experience in the Guest Domme Interview Series.

  • No Domme is an Island

    Building professional relationships can have a lot of benefits including; skill sharing, safety, brand amplification, and counteracting isolation, just to name a few. But without plenty of communication, negotiation, and a clear frame-work to rely on, it can also be a potential field of land-mines that can impede your career rather than advance it.

  • Contact Forms and Communication Channels

    Contact Forms and Communication Channels

    Communication is at the heart of a successful career in the sex industry. It’s a critical component at every single step of your interactions with your clients, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to always know what to say, and how to say it.

  • Creating a Client Retention Strategy

    If you’re looking to build a sustainable business, then having a client retention strategy is critical. It’s tough to be successful if you’re constantly hustling for new applicants.

  • Finding Your Pricing Sweet Spot

    Finding Your Pricing Sweet Spot

    While there’s no perfect formula for figuring out how much to charge for your services and content, there are some simple math equations and philosophy choices you can apply to find your personal pricing sweet spot.

  • Increasing Credibility Series

    Increasing Credibility Series

    Professionals from the sex industry have a tremendous amount of knowledge to share. We play with a wide variety of people, at a wide variety of times (even when we may not feel perfectly inspired). These skills can be an asset in expanding your career into into writing and teaching.

  • Defining Your Ideal Client Profile

    Defining Your Ideal Client Profile

    Have you ever clearly articulated who your ideal client is? Not just a vague idea in your head, but a written description? This vital step for any small business is often overlooked in the adult industry, but your marketing strategy (and general enjoyment of your job) can majorly benefit from taking the time to put…

  • Money Management for Erotic Entrepreneurs

    Money Management for Erotic Entrepreneurs

    Managing your finances and the paperwork side of your business is high-priority, but we often don’t know where to start since most information available isn’t geared towards the sex industry. Join me and my long-time friend Vivienne Kramer for a series of 90-minute discussions with Q&A to help illuminate these confusing topics!

  • Superstar Branding for Sex Workers

    Superstar Branding for Sex Workers

    Your brand is the story that your clients (and potential clients) tell about you in their head. In this age of adult industry saturation, every erotic entrepreneur needs to clearly communicate an authentic and cohesive story about who you are, what you do, and why you’re different. This means your website, clip stores, social media,…