September Schedule

What an amazing 6 months it’s been here at the Red Key Club! 

When I did the first Branding for ProDommes class in March, it was an impulse to help a community I care deeply about. Since I only know how to go big or go home, that quickly morphed into the Red Key Club, and it’s been a genuine blast to create all of these classes for you brilliant sexy folks.

But it’s also been a fuckton amount of work! So I’m wrapping up the current phase of the RKC in order to focus on what I’m going to create next. Some of which I’ve already shared (the Making Bank and ProDomme Playbook workbooks are first up on the list), and a couple of things are still under development with details coming soon.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, I hope you’ll stick around and see what I’ve got cooking!




Friday, September 11th – Office Hours Q&A

If you’ve attended my classes you know that they’re super content heavy, and while I do my best to answer questions on the fly, it’s tough to dig in to the specific answers you’re looking for. 

So for the RKC Q&A’s it’s open office hours! This is a chance to get some personalized perspective on the obstacles you’re facing in your business. 

  • Do you have any questions from my recent classes that we didn’t get a chance to address? 
  • Have you gotten stuck on any aspect of the Branding Superstar or Ideal Profile Client systems?
  • Do you have other issues in your business that you’re trying to figure out?


Tuesday, September 15th  – Guest Domme Interview: Ariana Chevalier

Ariana Chevalier has been a ProDomme for 25 years, and is the owner and founder of an iconic, world-renowned dungeon and rubber fetish collection. Join us for a casual 90ish minute chat about creating and maintaining such a well-equipped fetish wonderland that serves as a home for a vibrant community of ProDommes, new safety protocols for re-opening dungeons in the midst of a pandemic, and what it’s like to be a mentor (and inspiration) to so many.


Wednesday, September 23rd – No Domme is an Island: Mentoring, Partnerships, and Collectives

Building professional relationships can have a lot of benefits including; skill sharing, safety, brand amplification, and counteracting isolation, just to name a few.

But without plenty of communication, negotiation, and a clear frame-work to rely on, it can also be a potential field of land-mines that can impede your career rather than advance it.

In this two hour class, we’ll be covering:

  • Differences between mentoring, partnering, and building a collective
  • Considerations for building an equitable ownership arrangement
  • The six steps to a successful collaboration
  • How to develop trust in a new business venture
  • Why a probation period and exit strategy are vital
  • Strategies for resolving conflict
  • And more!


Tuesday, September 29th – Guest Domme Interview: Domina Snow

Domina Alexandra Snow has done it all in the ProDomme world, and she’s done it with glamour and style. Join us for a 90ish minute chat about her path through the fetish industry, including how she’s developed her brand and style of video production, what it’s like to head a femdom collective and BDSM studio, and what her predictions are for the future of erotic entrepreneuralism. 


Wednesday, September 30th – Celebration!

Let’s celebrate what a badass experience this has been! More details coming soon, but I’m hoping to host this on Zoom so anyone who wants to be on camera can, and to use the “breakout room” option for small-group networking and socializing. 


Gold Tier

Friday, September 18th – Money Management: Last Call for Questions!

It’s the last month of Money Management for Sex Workers, so it’s last call for questions!

There’s no specific theme, we’re going to talk about whatever your most pressing questions are, whether that’s budgeting and bookkeeping, saving and investing, dealing with debt or impulse shopping, or setting and reaching your financial goals.

Remember, my friend Vivinne (who joins us for these discussions), isn’t an accountant or financial planner/adviser. She has an MBA and a BS in finance, along with 30 years in all things non-profit administration including finance, operations, facility management, human resources, and general management.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years and have dyscalculia, and so I originally started this discussion series as a place to talk about money in an open, down-to-earth, accessible way that’s specifically relevant to to sex workers.



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