July Schedule

July is a seriously stellar month with information that’ll help you in the short-term AND the long-term.

Let’s Talk Instagram with Daddy An Li

Thursday, July 2nd – 12pm to 1pm Pacific

With more than 67,000 followers on Instagram, Daddy An Li has made the notoriously high-censorship platform work for her. Join us for a casual chat about how she’s grown her following to leverage the visual social media platform as a successful marketing and branding tool.


Contact Forms and Communication Systems

Tuesday, July 7th – 10am to 12pm Pacific

Communication is at the heart of a successful career in the sex industry. It’s a critical component at every single step of your interactions with your clients, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to always know what to say, and how to say it.

Luckily, there are efficiency and creativity hacks you can use to streamline and simplify your communication systems, including making your session request form more personalized (aka useful) and your overwhelming email inbox more manageable.

I’m a big believer in the idea that “structure supports spontaneity,” so when you create a system that supports your communication style rather than works against it, you’ll save yourself both time and energy managing this necessary part of your business.


Office Hours Q&A

Friday, July 10th from 10am to 12pm Pacific I’m doing my monthly open office hours. It’s two hours of time to ask the questions you have from prior classes or about your business in general. Can’t make the Q&A but have a question? Hit reply and my answer will be in the recording. 


Deep Dive: Writing for Credibility and Cash

Thursday, July 16th – 10am to 11:30am Pacific 

Words on a page can serve many purposes. They can tell a story, and use narrative to draw the reader in. They can persuade, and attract the perfect client. They can be a vehicle for knowledge sharing, and a way to build additional income.

During the overview class “Increasing Credibility through Writing and Teaching” we started with a birds eye view of why sex workers can make excellent authors and educators. Now it’s time to focus on the writing opportunities in front of you, and to go into more detail about how to write your way to more credibility and (possibly) more cash.

We’ll talk about what you need to consider at every step of your journey to authorship, from how to brainstorm, to capturing your ideas, to editing and publishing. We’ll also discuss the differences between publishing for yourself (blogs and books) or pitching larger websites and traditional publishing houses. Get your questions answered and learn more about making your words work for you.



There are two additional Gold Tier classes this month:


Money Management for Sex Workers: Long Term Financial Planning

Friday, July 24th at 12pm to 1:30pm Pacific One of my best friends who has an MBA and a BS in finance and 30 years of experience will be joining us again for the Money Management for Sex Workers series and this month we’ll be focused on Long-term Financial Planning. This will be in a discussion format so you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions. Please RSVP if you’re planning on attending.


How to Purchase Property: Real Estate for Sex Workers

Buying a home or work space doesn’t have to be a fantasy, but you need to be prepared. In this one-hour class, our guest expert Pele, a real estate agent and former dominatrix, will walk you through the basic information you need to know when it comes to purchasing your first property, whether for personal or professional reasons (or both!). 


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