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“I’ve been to numerous seminars over the [first few days of the shelter-in-place order] – hands down, Kali’s was, objectively, THE. BEST. She’s taken branding/marketing concepts from the vanilla world, applied them to our world, and added a ton of connections civvies couldn’t have anticipated. There is an infinite amount of bang for your buck!” – Princess Marx

“Thank you so much for offering such incredible game changing knowledge to the community. I’ve always been interested in such information. This quality of useful content will definitely shape my career.” – Miss Mae Ling



“I’ve heard much of this business advice before, but hadn’t had it broken down into such a digestible form. There’s a huge difference between listing all the points to good branding and actually explaining how they might apply to you. I loved all your examples and it really inspired me to rethink my branding, with defined ways of how to do it! Being “Domina Disneyland” vs “Mistress Meijer” was hilarious (you said Walmart, but I like alliteration). The advice on making a star for each persona was groundbreaking, and using existing star points to define the rest was so helpful! I’m definitely looking forward to “Defining Your Ideal Client” and The ProDomme Playbook”. – Holly GoLightly


”Princess Kali’s ability to dominate the complexities around branding/marketing and break them down for other dominants to see is just one of the many skills she so graciously holds. If you thought you knew yourself, take one of her courses and then think again. You will surely develop a deeper relationship with your persona and because of it- a deeper relationship with your clients (and their wallets!)“ – Goddess Gia Matadora






“I took a Kali’s class for SWers yesterday, and as per usual, was not disappointed. Kali goes above and beyond to make sure her students are walking away with tangible skills to apply to their business. If you are a SWer, I strongly recommend her classes. Thank you, Kali!” – Mia Action



Though I took the class for camming I still got a lot out of it. After some months at a vanilla job this was just the spark I needed to revamp my sensual branding and marketing. A wonderful lightbulb came on for me when the intention of networking was broken down; thank you, Kali, for sharing your experience and knowledge to help so many grow!” –  Anna