What’s Next For The Red Key Club

Hey there Pros!

I’ve been playing around with all the different options for what comes next at the Red Key Club, and I’ve settled on a few confirmed aspects, and a few that I’m still trying to figure out. As we move forward, I want to find a good balance between offering continued stellar value and keeping it sustainable for me.

Remember, the only recordings that will remain available on Patreon after October 1st are the Office Hours and Guest Interviews.

What I’m sure I’m doing:

Making Bank: A Money Management Workbook for Erotic Entrepreneurs

  • This workbook is my most unexpected project ever, but I’m pretty damn excited about it. Combining monthly budget tracking layouts, space to write and reflect about your financial goals, and information to help you get more money savvy, it’s a one-stop-spot for you to upgrade your income and your ability to manage it. So far we’re on track for this to be published by the end of September or early October.

ProDomme PlayBook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Business and Marketing Success

  • This hefty beauty is going to be your tangible plan to get your career from where it is now, to where you want it to be. Whether you’re just getting started or are further down the career path, you’ll be guided through ah-ha insights that will take your brand (and income) to the next level. I’m planning on having this published by December.

Gumroad / $25 per class for forever access.

  • These are the core classes that will be available for purchase on Gumroad for $25 each. This would give you forever access to whichever individual classes you purchase and will include the digital worksheets.
  • Branding for ProDommes
  • Defining Your Ideal Client Profile
  • Creating a Client Retention Strategy
  • Deep Dive: Featured Activities
  • Increasing Credibility Through Writing and Teaching
  • Contact Forms & Communication Systems
  • Let’s Talk Twitter
  • How to Value Your Time: Finding Your Pricing Sweet Spot
  • No Domme is an Island: Mentoring, Partnerships, and Collectives

Patreon Tiers

RKC Supporter – $10

  • 10% discount code for my live classes and recordings
  • Submit a question for possible monthly video posted response

Silver Tier – $25 –

  • Office Hours: I’ll be maintaining the current format of the once-monthly Office Hours for you to bring whatever questions you’re contemplating in your business and get answers, resources, and recommendations. Previous Q&A recordings will be included.
  • Guest Domme/ Guest Expert Interviews: I’ve really loved the RKC interview series so I’ll continue doing one per month and am already confirming the schedule for the rest of 2020 with more names on my wish list (Ms Kim will definitely be joining us in October, just to give you a sneak peek!) Previous interview recordings will be included.
  • Accountability Check-in: This is a new addition to the Red Key Club and is intended to give you a place to hold yourself accountable for what you’re learning and implementing in your business. This monthly event will be hosted on Zoom so anyone can join on camera, and we’ll use a round-robin format so each person who attends can share; what they learned, where they learned it, and how they’re implementing it.

What I’m postponing until 2021:

ProDomme Mastermind

  • I have a couple of different ideas for the mastermind, but the whole point of that format is to go deeper than a traditional class, and I just don’t think there’s enough time and energy to do it justice before the end of the year. So I’ll be (tentatively) launching it around November with a start date of early January.

New Red Key Club Classes

  • There are additional classes I’d like to teach for the ProDomme and SWer communities, but I’ll be waiting until the new year to do them. After 6-months of cranking out new content, I need a break! And after 6-months of “drinking from the fire house” of online content, I’m sure ya’ll need a break too.


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