Welcome to the Red Key Club!

We are a virtual space dedicated to helping erotic entrepreneurs improve business skills and understanding, network with peers, and find community.


$25.00 per Month.



$150.00 per Year.



$300.00 now.


Monthly, live virtual events give you the building blocks for a successful business.


Accountability events are designed to give you a place to stay accountable to your goals (which is a big part of actually achieving those goals!) and get encouragement and support in the process.


Combat the isolation that can come with this work. Show up, leave your leather and latex at the door, share and learn and be cheered on and talk about successes and obstacles. Build your network and make connections in the industry.


With the solid foundation of knowledge you’ll gain from the many business classes, combined with the encouragement and accountability from the live events, your confidence will skyrocket!

What Your Peers Are Saying

Even with 16+ years in the industry, I still learn so much from Princess Kali’s classes. Every moment she’s either saying something I didn’t know, expanding on what I already knew, or validating things I wasn’t sure about. Her style is so clear and engaging and her techniques so applicable, I’m never bored or overwhelmed…I’m riveted.

Troy Orleans

Princess Kali’s ability to dig into the complexities around branding/marketing and break them down for other dominants to see is just one of the many skills she so graciously holds. If you thought you knew yourself, take one of her courses and then think again. You will surely develop a deeper relationship with your persona and because of it- a deeper relationship with your clients (and their wallets!)

Goddess Gia Matadora

You are such an amazing and dynamic teacher. Classes are clear, concise and you’re well-prepared. You don’t give homework but I always feel like I have so much work to do and things think over after. I’ve been in this business over a decade and the “Defining Your Ideal Client Profile” class made me completely rethink the way I market myself and approach my clients. Thank you so much.

Elena DeLuca

Princess Kali uses her depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to make seemingly complex topics both accessible and manageable. The path she creates in her business coaching classes is simultaneously intuitive and innovative.

Eva Sterling

Princess Kali is engaging, interesting and her classes are always outside the box when it comes to the inner workings of kink. I always learn something new and feel inspired when I leave. If she taught a class on watching the paint dry I would be excited to take it.

Miss Scarlett Lush