Superstar Branding for Sex Workers

Your brand is the story that your clients (and potential clients) tell about you in their head. In this age of adult industry saturation, every erotic entrepreneur needs to clearly communicate an authentic and cohesive story about who you are, what you do, and why you’re different. This means your website, clip stores, social media, networking, and other projects all need to have a consistent message and visual style. 

Using six simple elements, I’ll show you how to create quality branding from the ground up, or evolve your current branding to ensure you’re being both authentic AND strategic in your business development. Learn concrete, actionable ideas to improve and expand your branding no matter where you are in your career journey. Make the most of your kinky passions and build a brand that will last.

  • Have you been mindful and deliberate in developing your professional persona and brand? 
  • Do you see a path for growth in your business that feels authentic?
  • Are you making choices in your business and marketing that reinforce your brand in order to cultivate your most well-matched clientele? 

Superstar Branding: Original

Superstar Branding: Encore

Deep Dive: Activities

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